Walking in the woods around Lumley castle

Today I set out, with my friends Tom and Terry, on the second of our country walks. We followed a footpath which wound around the woods near Lumley castle. We started by crossing the A1 motorway and then looping back on our tracks following a trail that took us underneath the motorway.

Crossing the A1 motorway

Underneath the A1

Supports for the A1 motorway

Tom and Terry stepping out into the countryside

It was strange to find ourselves in leafy woodland yet hear the drone of the motorway traffic in the background. There was an incongruous tension between the senses of sight and sound.

Into the leafy woodland

The A1 motorway, never far away

From time to time we caught sight of the motorway across the fields, only to move on into farmland, with the cows and the wild flowers.


Wild flowers

Barbed wire abounded, and there were notices aplenty warning us to keep out! Still, without trespassing, we were able to enjoy a measure of tranquility as we ambled along tow path by the river.

Barbed wire

The river

From time to time, we came across some exquisitely textured lengths of old brick wall; we always savour such moments.

Brick wall

Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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