The Royal Wedding

Today was the day of the Royal Wedding in England. Ok. Well I wish the couple lots of good luck and stuff. I have absolutely nothing against them. But I would rather have had a couple of paragraphs tucked away at the back of the paper, if you see what I mean.Hype and coverage was way over the top for my taste, although I readily admit I am in the minority here.

Anyway, I did look at the first 30 minutes of the coverage on BBC1 and then my partner had to get a taxi out to the airport. I promise you I did try to watch a bit more. But after a while… I just go so bored I had to switch off.

While the royals were getting married I played my gig in Second Life venue Terra Fyrmusica,  and I would like to thank my audience for their amazingly enthusiastic support. Perhaps I provided a haven for royal wedding deviants.

Talk to you later, my dearest blogophiles.

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