Chicken, mushroom and walnut pie

Once again I set about making Sunday lunch. The first thing I get some small savoy cabbages from my vegetable patch, pair them down and shred the leaves. I put them into a bowl and set them aside until I need them. Next I put some spuds on to boil; when they are done I will drain them and much later slice them for sautée.

I then make my shortcrust pastry and leave it to rest in the fridge. I get the fry pan on the stove and chop an onion with garlic; at this point a warden wearing a gasmask would probably register that some serious cooking was going on. I put some chicken breast pieces into a plastic bag, toss in a couple of spoonfuls of flour, and shake it about as if I was on a 1960s dance floor. I fry the chicken with some quartered mushrooms, and toss in a hand of ready-shelled walnut halves. Meanwhile, using my Xmas present kitchen toy, I chop a handful of parsley. I turn on the oven and put a milk pan on the stove to melt some butter, slopping in some plain flour to make a roux. I let the flour cook through and start adding the milk. When the white sauce has reduced I toss in the hachoired parsley and put all the stuff into the pie dish, finishing with the white parsley sauce. I roll out my pastry, make the pastry lid and decorate it with a few leaves. I then brush egg onto the pastry for a nice glaze and bang the pie into the oven to cook. I slice the spuds and use two fry pans to sautée them, meanwhile bringing salted water to the boil for my cabbage. I cook the cabbage only for about 5 minutes and while it is in the pan I cut up some sun-dried tomatoes. When the cabbage is done I drain it and then mix in the tomatoes. I take the potatoes out of the frying pans, and get the pie from the oven. It is looking good.

My chicken, mushroom and walnut pie

Finally, I plate up. The pastry is delightful and I like the crunchy hard texture of the warmed walnuts in contrast to the chicken and mushrooms. The cabbage tasted nice, too. I may grow some more this year. The only negative thing about cooking a Sunday lunch like this is that I have had no time to play piano or practice guitar. Still, I can go do that now. So bye for now, my dear blogophiles; I’ll speak to you later.

A Sunday lunch in greens, yellows and browns

One Response to “Chicken, mushroom and walnut pie”

  1. Andrew white Says:

    doing the sameish but with chicken leek and walnuts !

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