Need to get this blog moving again

Hello, my dear blogophiles. I suddenly realised that it is 20 days since I last blogged. I shall endeavour to mend my tardy ways. At present, I seem to be sweeping up fallen leaves from the garden, a job I should have done months ago. Not to worry, once swept they are gone, and the virgin soil is suitably exposed for spring flowers.

This weekend I plan to make a chicken and mushroom pie. I took some small cabbages from my vegetable patch yesterday and I shall cook them with guidance from the very wonderful Delia Smith, as an accompaniment. My guess is I shall also sautee some spuds since there should be enough space on the hob. The pie will have a creamy white sauce within it, so my inclination is not to make a separate sauce, since that might draw the spotlight away from what is in the pie. I am tempted to use the phrase ‘over-egging the pudding‘  but applying it to a main course might not work. There is not enough semantic space between the two notions.

I must go practice my piano. Speak to you later 🙂

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