More thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

This will have to be a short blog because I have to get ready to play an internet gig in about 10 minutes time. I went to Newcastle today and returned some library books to the Lit & Phil. I didn’t take any more out because I don’t want to have to trape over there if it snows again. I’ll wait until the spring and meanwhile read some classics on my Kindle.

I managed to buy a couple of good metal pencil sharpeners at the art store. It is amazing but I have found it extremely difficult to get good ones in my city and the ones I got from W.H.Smiths I just did not like.  I then had a great cup of coffee in Cafe Nero and a wonderfully tasty apricot croissant – mmmmm….

I have been thinking some more about the filme Julie and Julia. It obviously got under my skin. I have devised a way of combining my New Year’s Resolutions into one over-arching framework and I am going to bring all the different threads from food, music and art into on place. To this end I bought a very nice diary for 2011. The main problem is that if you make things too complicated, you just get fed up with it and don’t bother any more. That was the beauty if Julie’s scheme… 524 recipes, all specified in the Julia Child book, in 365 days; neat and simple. My scheme is like a cross between a wiring diagram and a bowl of spaghetti. Still, I have started to break things down and make some notes in the diary.

I am out of time. Talk to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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