Crisp morning by Roker pier

I unlock the car and start the engine. The external temperature reads minus 4 Centigrade. There is only a small amount of frost on the windscreen, I suppose that there is not much moisture in the air today. I notice that the sun roof is half raised. I realise that I must have touched the control yesterday evening when I was reaching up to put on the internal light, to look for something. I must have driven all the way back from the airport in the cold with it open!

I drive through the crush of parental automobiles as kids get dumped into the nearbye school gates, and head on through the city towards the coast. I park the car by the Bungalow cafe and look out to the harbour. It is a beautiful, crisp December morning and the sun is glinting on the brickwork of Roker pier. Every now and again a roller hits the wall and a cloud of surf sprays up into the air with the grace of an ocean ballet dancer. Tom arrives and we go for our breakfast.

View of Roker pier from Bungalow cafe

By the time coffee arrives we have started on the exchange of the week’s news. I am well into my sausage and bacon before Tom tells me about the purchase of a very nice Fender gig bag from a Newcastle guitar shop. When it comes to the fried egg on toast, munching is intermingled with talk of 13th chords and the complexities of jazz guitar. The second cup of coffee is concluded with good wishes for the festive season and a resolve to meet once more for the Friday full English early in the new year. But don’t worry, my dear blogophiles, I shall talk to you again before then. Indeed, I look forward to chatting with you as I stumble through the joys, trials and tribulations of Christmas and all that that entails! Speak to you later.

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