Getting hooked by Twitter

I have started to ease into Twitter. Writing a tweet presents an interesting challenge: to express oneself in 140 characters. A blog entry to a tweet is rather like a large can of tomatoes to a tube of concentrate. Whereas a diuretic mugful of Americano might be appropriate for penning the blog, only the petite strength of the esspresso can beef up the mixed metaphors embedded in one’s tweet.

The weather has not deteriorated to the extent that our TV forecasters led us to believe. Still, my car remains snowed in and I have no intention of going out today. I contemplate a light lunch, followed by a spot of Jane Austen on the Kindle. I have already completed the more routine aspects of my piano practice; later I might play around with some arrangements and noodle on the guitar. My next show in Second Life is tomorrow, Wednesday at midday PST, at my Terra Fyrmusica venue. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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