A White Thanksgiving

I seem to have been too busy to blog this past week, although I have started to tweet. You can get to my Twitter pages by clicking on the link on my Lewis Music homepage. By the way, I have now posted 100 blogs here.

Thanksgiving came and went, marked on this occasion by a very tasty piece of home-made pumpkin pie. This was cooked not by me, but by She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned. There was some pumpkin left over and I shall make a very simple soup for lunch today, in order not to waste it.

Home-made pumpkin pie

We are having what for us English folk amounts to a lot of snow. I realise that our snow fall would appear to be miniscule to Canadians and others who spend half the year living in a two metre snow drift, but generally speaking the Brits tend to be poorly prepared for it. Last year it went on and on for far too long. My car is absolutely pathetic in this weather and it is just not worth using it. My friend Patrick has one of the old Landrovers; it is built like a tank and will go more or less anywhere.

Street morphs to a christmas card

Before the snow descended, I did manage to get across to Newcastle earlier in the week. I went to change my library books at the Lit & Phil. I’ve just finished J.I.M. Stewart’s third novel in the quintet A Staircase in Surrey (this one was A Memorial Service). I have not got into any of the other novels I borrowed. While I was in the city, I got a coffee at Costa  and was impressed by the view out of the window I was sitting by. There are some very fine buildings in Newcastle.

View out of Costa Coffee in Newcastle

Apart from the printed page, I have been reading Pride and Prejudice on my Kindle electronic reader. Last weekend I showed it to a friend who came over for Sunday lunch and she said she needed to feel a paper book. I don’t have any trouble with that side of reading on a Kindle; it now feels perfectly natural. It is a much more pleasant experience than reading from a backlit computer screen, for example.

I continue to play my internet shows, although one of my regular weekly gigs has finished, which is a bit of a nuisance. I am trying to find another venue to replace that slot. Progress on the piano continues at a snail’s pace but I keep tinkling the ivories on a daily basis. I changed my guitar strings yesterday and so must get them played in today before my show tomorrow. I think that is about all I have to say, for now. Talk to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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