Yesterday I spent most of the morning preparing Sunday lunch. I made an effort, since we had invited a guest to share the meal with us. I started with a rather hearty cream of vegetable soup. Normally, I whizz the base of the soup in a processor before finishing it off with cream. This time, having picked up a tip from Jamie Oliver, I processed the veg before frying them briefly with garlic and onion.This certainly provided an interesting texture to the dish but it was not particularly subtle. I possibly used a little too much white wine in preparing my stock.


Cream of vegetable soup


The main course went a little better, I feel. I fried fish cakes in a pan and served them with a selection of Chinese vegetables stir fried in a wok. I put some good ingredients into the fish cakes: boiled cod fillets, mashed potatoes, chopped basil, chopped hard boiled eggs, lemon juice, grated nutmeg, seasoning and a couple of pinches of cayenne pepper. Having shaped the individual cakes, I rolled them in beaten egg and coated them in multigrain bread crumbs. They tasted delicious.


Ingredients for the fishcakes


For pudding, I made an apple crumble. I slipped some cinamon and grated lemon rind into the chopped apples and made sure they were plenty sweet enough. For the custard, I cheated: I bought a very nice tub of the stuff at my local supermarket.

Having glugged my way through a fair amount of red wine during the course of the day, I made sure that I drank plenty of fruit squash towards the end in order to avoid the thick head this morning, and I am happy to tell you that this strategy seems to have worked. This morning, I popped down to the doctor’s surgery to get a flu shot. The nurse told me that my arm might be stiff later today. I am doing a show at the Cup ‘n Spittle tonight, so I hope that works out ok in terms of playing the piano.

I want to finish the novel I am reading today (The Gaudy by J.I.M. Stewart) then I will take the latest bagful back to the Lit & Phil at Newcastle tomorrow and pick up a fresh batch. Talk to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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