Relatively lonely nest thoughts

These past few weeks since my daughter emigrated half-way across the world, have been hard. Some days I feel a little better, a little stronger. Other days are clothed in a grey, bleak mist, darker than the North sea that pounds upon the coastline only minutes from where I live.

Of course, folks who we know feel that it is a wonderful thing that has happened. It is very adventurous of our brave daughter. I can agree with all that. However, I look to the future, from my point of view. I rather imagine that I shall see my daughter at best a couple of weeks per annum (and probably a lot less than that, if truth be told, as time goes by). My ability to travel is limited by the expense that my pension can afford. The hard lesson of this is that you cannot live your life through your adult children, Letting go does mean ‘goodbye’. If they have emigrated, as opposed to living in a nearbye city, you are forced to move on, New days continue to dawn. With flare there is the possibility of creating new excitements to fill the void. It is possible to be positive.

Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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