D-day minus one

In approximately 24 hours time, my daughter will leave home for good (at least, that is her firm intention). It will be some time around 3 a.m. when the taxi will call for her, her large suitcase and her hand luggage. She decided that she would rather have the Big Goodbye at home, so we shall not go with her to the airport.

I have recently awoken from my night sleep (it is now 4 a.m.) and I was finding it difficult to get back to sleep again. I therefore decided to do this short blog. Mind you, I do often wake up in the middle of the night. When this happens I usually make myself a cup of tea and either do a little writing or play my digital piano with the IEMs in place (In Ear Monitors). I have not made tea this time.

A busy and difficult day lies ahead. I can hear that it is raining, from the pitter-patter on my skylight window. I recently put some weed-and-feed onto my lawn and that needs washing in. Later in the week I shall rake out the dead moss and give it a little after-care. Part of my coping strategy will be not to ignore the small things in everyday life that need to be done. When my first wife left me, I made sure that I ate properly and kept my house reasonably clean and tidy. These things matter. They provide a simple and stable framework in which to adjust to new circumstances and from which to reconstitute one’s concept of self. As a response to strong advice from my doctor, I changed my physical being by losing 20 kg over the course of the past year. I achieved this by managing what and how much I ate, on a daily/weekly basis, and by virtue of will-power (old-fashioned as that term may sound). Over the past 10 months I have focussed effort on the improvement of my physical being; in months ahead I shall shift the spotlight to my psychological well-being. Massaging my self-concept or tweaking my persona is something that should provide me with a modicum of amusement, interest or even satisfaction, at the meta-level, given that I taught psychology for 30 years at my local university!

Currently, I am feeling a little better about things. It is possible that writing up this blog helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings. Bye for now, my dear blogophiles.

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