Show #555

I have been meaning to write a short blog here to mark the 555th gig I played in Second Life. This took place on Sunday and my friend Woodstock Burleigh built the most amazing stage set for it, along the lines of a drawing room scene inspired by my song Mrs Growbeck’s armchair. Many of my SL friends came to the show including Tishe who is the venue owner of Cascadia Harmonics (where I played the gig) and Fabs (who is also a SL live musician). It was Fabs and Tishe who helped me with all the technical stuff when I first started streaming live into SL back in January 2008. And my first show ever was at Tishe’s larger venue, Rocky Shores. I switched to my weekly Sunday performance at the Cascadia venue when she opened it up a long time ago, and the slightly more intimate deck suits the music I play.

My 555th show in Second Life at Cascadia Harmonics

Apart from building the sitting room, Woody also digitally ‘framed’ a selection of my paintings and sketches and exhibited them on the walls around the audience space. That was a lovely surprise for me, and it enabled my art and music to be combined within the same event. So, Woody, a really big thanx to you.

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