Penshaw monument

This morning I drove over to Penshaw monument, a folly just outside the city of Sunderland. I was meeting my friend Tom for our weekly Friday breakfast. I arrived about twenty minutes ahead of schedule and so walked up the pathway to the monument. I think it looks much better from a distance; the building itself did not strike me as a thing of beauty. Still, more importantly, I hurried down to the cafe at the bottom of the hill and settled down to a bacon butty (Tom had a sausage butty). This location made a pleasant change from our regular haunts but I have to say that the bacon butty was no real substitute for the full English (which, regrettably, they did not do).

Penshaw monument


The other week I had made contact with my former music teacher, Graham Garton (from when I was at school). Somebody else who had been at the school was able to forward me his address. I had long hoped to be able to thank him for all he had done for me, back then, and at last I was able to write him a letter. This week, I had a lovely reply from him telling me what he had been doing with his life, all these years. Although now over 80 years old, he is still giving individual music lessons each week in term time, to both adults and children. He certainly inspired me, and nurtured my life-long interest and practical involvement with music.

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