Humbuckers and spray paint

With regard to the guitar making project, I have been doing a little research. My current thinking is to go with a single bridge humbucker, and I wonder what we think of Seymour Duncans?

As far as the paint job is concerned, I am inclined to work from a particular Paul Klee painting that I very much like, as an inspirational model (it won’t be a simple copy because of shape, etc). Once the weather improves a bit, I intend to practice on the spray design and templates using some scrap wood. I have some questions for my UK readers:

1. Do you think the sort of spray cans you can buy in Halfords might work ok?
2. Is it possible to mix colours either wet-on-wet or sequentially on dry?
3. What is the best material to use as a template, given that I shall need to paint on some slightly fuzzy straight lines (maybe about 1-2 mm wide).
4. I would like to be able to draw some black lines on the design. What would be the best kind of pens to do this with?

Answers on a postcard to…. lol

One Response to “Humbuckers and spray paint”

  1. Coinslot Says:

    I have never painted a guitar, but a search on Google lead to a few sites & forums about how to go about it. It seems that spray cans from Halfords will do the job. The site below appeared to have quite a bit of info. I hope it is of use to you.

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