My tadcaster guitar in the making

Last night I went round to see my friend Tom, and his mate Allan was there, too. This was a pre-arranged meeting since they had told me that Allan had made a surprise present for me. Perhaps I should explain: Allen is a talented woodworker who is capable of making fine musical instruments in the lutier range.

When I arrived I was presented with the basics of what I am sure will become a unique guitar. Allan had screwed the neck to the body and placed a couple of pegs and strings on it by way of a demonstration of how it might look when finished. It is a little difficult to describe. He has made a telecaster body out of a recycled 1970s mahogany door, and a maple neck. He has drilled holes for where the major components should be placed (such as the pickup and the tuning knobs). In the center of the body he has placed a genuine John Smith’s logo. John Smith, apart from being an excellent English beer is, of course, my name. There are several layers of humour in this guitar. Allan has shaped the body in a style that draws upon the telecaster and stratocaster. Yet John Smith’s beer is brewed in Tadcaster, a town in Yorkshire, England. So, Allan has given me, John Smith, the project of building my own Tadcaster guitar – starting with the components of the body and neck that he has so kindly made for me. This is a wonderful challenge and I am really looking forward to it. I think they are expecting me to paint the body in whatever way I choose. At present Allan has given it a coat of cellulose primer and he has suggested that it could possibly take another coat before I paint on the final image(s). I have not yet decided whether to paint in the abstract or even to fill the space with line drawings. I shall take some time thinking about it. Anyway, I present a picture of the basic components as the are at the moment. We shall be going to a guitar fare in a couple of weeks time, where I should be able to buy any additional components that I need. I’ll keep you informed as to my progress.

My tadcaster

One Response to “My tadcaster guitar in the making”

  1. Coinslot Says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic. You must feel honoured to have someone make you something so cool. Can’t wait to see the pieces come together & maybe hear you play it some day – Coin

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