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The dentist and the tadcaster

February 26, 2010

Time for a short blog, I feel. It has been raining hard all day; I shall not be surprised to hear of flooding in the news. This morning I went to the dentist for a check-up. The outcome was fine, although the visit did include a rather painful session with the hygienist who scraped a way a truckload of plaque with what felt like a road drill.

I have been giving some thought to the Tadcaster guitar body. I have now got to the point where I am doing a little planning on a sheet of A2. The design I have in mind at present is a tad complex. This could take a while to get right. I think I shall almost certainly have to do a few trials on bits of scrap wood. And thanks for your comments and the suggested link, Coinslot – very helpful. I am mainly concentrating on the body painting aspect at present. However, in a week I shall be going to the guitar fare and that is where I intend to buy most of the electrics and other bits and pieces. I think that is all I have to say for now.

Nice review of my music

February 23, 2010

A very nice review of my music in Second Life, as Fyrm Fouroux, has appeared in New World Notes (written by Willow). I give the URL below:

Hope you enjoy it.

Humbuckers and spray paint

February 23, 2010

With regard to the guitar making project, I have been doing a little research. My current thinking is to go with a single bridge humbucker, and I wonder what we think of Seymour Duncans?

As far as the paint job is concerned, I am inclined to work from a particular Paul Klee painting that I very much like, as an inspirational model (it won’t be a simple copy because of shape, etc). Once the weather improves a bit, I intend to practice on the spray design and templates using some scrap wood. I have some questions for my UK readers:

1. Do you think the sort of spray cans you can buy in Halfords might work ok?
2. Is it possible to mix colours either wet-on-wet or sequentially on dry?
3. What is the best material to use as a template, given that I shall need to paint on some slightly fuzzy straight lines (maybe about 1-2 mm wide).
4. I would like to be able to draw some black lines on the design. What would be the best kind of pens to do this with?

Answers on a postcard to…. lol

My tadcaster guitar in the making

February 19, 2010

Last night I went round to see my friend Tom, and his mate Allan was there, too. This was a pre-arranged meeting since they had told me that Allan had made a surprise present for me. Perhaps I should explain: Allen is a talented woodworker who is capable of making fine musical instruments in the lutier range.

When I arrived I was presented with the basics of what I am sure will become a unique guitar. Allan had screwed the neck to the body and placed a couple of pegs and strings on it by way of a demonstration of how it might look when finished. It is a little difficult to describe. He has made a telecaster body out of a recycled 1970s mahogany door, and a maple neck. He has drilled holes for where the major components should be placed (such as the pickup and the tuning knobs). In the center of the body he has placed a genuine John Smith’s logo. John Smith, apart from being an excellent English beer is, of course, my name. There are several layers of humour in this guitar. Allan has shaped the body in a style that draws upon the telecaster and stratocaster. Yet John Smith’s beer is brewed in Tadcaster, a town in Yorkshire, England. So, Allan has given me, John Smith, the project of building my own Tadcaster guitar – starting with the components of the body and neck that he has so kindly made for me. This is a wonderful challenge and I am really looking forward to it. I think they are expecting me to paint the body in whatever way I choose. At present Allan has given it a coat of cellulose primer and he has suggested that it could possibly take another coat before I paint on the final image(s). I have not yet decided whether to paint in the abstract or even to fill the space with line drawings. I shall take some time thinking about it. Anyway, I present a picture of the basic components as the are at the moment. We shall be going to a guitar fare in a couple of weeks time, where I should be able to buy any additional components that I need. I’ll keep you informed as to my progress.

My tadcaster

Another visit to the Biscuit Factory

February 8, 2010

It has been a couple of weeks since my last entry; I don’t know where the time goes. I have not been out and about a great deal, although I did visit the Biscuit Factory art gallery last week with my friends Tom and Terry. As usual it was extremely interesting. The exhibition is of many local artists. It isn’t for national or international famous people, and I’m rather glad it isn’t. When we walk around the exhibition space, our chat tends to focus on technique as opposed to history of art, but when we go to the cafeteria for a coffee and a bite to eat the conversation often swings over to the matter of guitars and music.

Tom makes his point to Terry

My own sketching has been going slowly these past few weeks, as has the music too. I have about half-a-dozen songs waiting to bring into performance but they seem to be taking a long time to reach any approximation of fluency. I’ll be glad when I have them in my repertoire since the piano songs are getting to be a tad over-played at my Second Life gigs. They are continuing at my normal rate of about five per week.

I’ll get this short piece posted now. Hopefully, I shall write something a bit more interesting soon. Farewell, until the next time, my dear blogophiles.