The new Terra Fyrmusica venue opens

This past week has been a tad hectic for me in Second Life. The island upon which my previous venue stood will vanish by the end of the month when the person I rent it from ceases to continue paying Linden Labs for the land. My friend Ferdy came to the rescue and offered me a plot on her parcel, so I have been busy rebuilding the Terra Fyrmusica in a distressed brick texture that fits in very nicely with some of the steam-punk buildings in the surrounds. I think it looks better now than it did when it was over by The Vibe. Yesterday, I got everything finished, changed the Land Marks for teleporting, and managed to get a show advertised inworld in Search (I also put a notice in SLMC). I have put a pic up here of the view from the stage. At noon, SLT, I played a show to open the new venue and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There was a very nice crowd of people in the audience: some old friends and some new faces. The sound is streaming well nowadays. The guitar is sounding good, although I need to put some new strings on (I might do that today), and the piano is coming through well, especially in some of the alternative digital voicings. When I play Dolly Parton’s ‘I will always love you’, I use a harpsichord and strings voicing which works very well IMHO. My voice has been a bit dodgy down the bottom end lately and I don’t always hit my bottom D. That has come as a bit of a surprise to me, since I have been comfortable down there for several years now. This week I am very busy with a show every evening (English time).

The new Terra Fyrmusica building

Apart from all this, things tick over. The snow has been gone for some time now, although more cold weather with winds coming down from the north is predicted later in the week. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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