Boiler down again!

The bloody boiler’s down again. It was limping through the Xmas holiday period with luke warm shower water and radiators, we finally got it fixed last week, and now we have zero hot water or heat in the radiators. They can’t come until Wednesday (thank you British Gas for your part in this extended saga). Still, one feels a Pythonesque moment coming on…

On a positive note, I would say that my hangover has gone now; the guts still feel a tad wobbly but nothing to dire. I have several things to do today that will take my mind off the lack of heating: piano scales; pen & India ink sketch; UK tax return. I don’t think I shall get all those done. As a special treat for having to pu up with the boiler situation I shall grant myself one day of tax return procrastination. There! I feel better already.

Finally, let me apologise to the members of the audience at Cascadia Harmonics last night who got a shortened show. I think my difficulties have now been sorted out and I hope that you will get the full 60 minutes next Sunday.

Now, should I sketch on A4 or A3? I think it may have to be A4, at least in the first instance. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go to A3. Speak to you later, my dear blogophiles.

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