I have been making progress in terms of my 2010 music plan. I have started to listen to a lot of artists and bands that are basically out of my comfort zone (Foo Fighters, Razorlight, Kings of Leon… bla, bla, bla). I have made  a fair sized list and I am going to listen to samples of their stuff, adding artists that Spotify suggest are similar, in order to expand my coverage. I have done some preliminary listening today and, so far, I think that the cover yield in terms of songs that I feel happy with musically speaking and able to identify with as a human being will be very small indeed.

I have examined one person in some detail and that is Jason Mraz. The first thing that I noticed was that Strum Diesel’s (of Second Life) style of singing and lyric writing appears to come from this stable. I can only coin an acronym to describe the way I feel about it:

Breathless, Amorous, Love Lyrics (BALLs)

Regrettably, I do not think I shall be turning to Jason, as a personal source of inspiration, excellent though he may be. I shall keep you posted of any further progress as it arises, my dear blogophiles.

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