Survived Xmas


This year the Xmas season has not been good for blogging. In England we have had snow and it has been lying around for far too long. We are not geared up for it. We don’t have winter tyres on our cars, the gritting of streets is only marginally successful, and unless one is a snowball-throwing youngster it is generally a pain up the butt.

I tried to drive my car to the supermarket but it got stuck less than 10 metres from my house. After much shovelling and cursing I managed to return it to its parking place. This was problematic since we had some guests coming for afternoon coffee and cake. What was I to do? No cake, and I could not get out to buy one. Fortunately we did have some self-raising flour, butter and sugar. I poked around in the spice rack and came across some cinnamon that still smelled vaguely of… cinnamon! What is more, I discovered a banana that had slipped down behind the food processor. I sliced it into the cake dough and bunged the goo into a tin. An hour in a moderate oven yielded a mighty fine cake, if I do say so myself. A little icing sugar drifted on through a tea strainer created the back drop for a yuletide snow scene. More poking around in kitchen draws yielded a couple of fir trees, a house, and two robins. I could have sworn I had a Postman Pat, but he must have been out delivering a parcel to Mrs. Goggins, for he was nowhere to be found. The robins were clearly mutants, since each was more or less the same the size as the house. Be that as it may, I present a pic of this delicious cake. I finished off the last slice only an hour ago.

One just about survives Christmas, only to realise that New Year is lurking around the corner. One needs stamina at this time of year.

One Response to “Survived Xmas”

  1. Madelin Benelli Says:

    Maybe the robins are those psychedelic birds Torben Asp is always talking about. A very creative – and I bet – tasteful cake.

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