This bike is exercising my mind!

My daughter’s excercise bike makes an appalling screetchy, scratchy sound when you pedal it. I have removed the black plastic casing to reveal the pedalling mechanism (see pic). The way this bike works is that a set of very powerful magnets are brought into contact with the pulley wheel, drum, or whatever might be its technical name. As you increase the number on the strength adjustment dial, so another magnet bites down.

Bike casing removed

I have spent some time trying to adjust the alignment of the magnet bar to the drum but there are not many options to play with in this regard. I am thinking about rubbing the magnets with candle wax. This works for sticky wood. I imagine that the friction of the drum would melt the wax, as the human operator brakes into a sweat on the machine. Although this might reduce the screetching, it would also reduce the friction and that does seem a tad counter-productive.

Bike magnets

Any ideas/suggestions?

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