Robin redbreast


Robin for company

It is a bright November morning and I am going to do some tidying up in the garden. I shrug into an old sweater and a pair of jeans. I briefly pause to shovel in a bowl of meusli and then put on my gardening trainers; I keep them handily by the conservatory door. I walk around to my shed and workshop. I inspect a border running the length of a pathway which is frequently trodden by the postman. It is not too bad, since I attacked the worst weeds back in August. I get out my seccateurs, lopers, tine-rake and brushes. I embark on an exercise in cutting back. Sometimes I snip delicately; sometimes I hack savagely when an intrusive fir branch darkens my mood. I am not engaged in measured or skilful pruning; I come to conquer. The debris starts to pile up on the pathway. I collect it into an old dustbin and then make several trips to empty the dustbin into my recycling wheely-bin. I look with satisfaction upon the fruits of my labour and take my tools and implements back to the shed.

I return to the kitchen and make myself a salad for lunch: lettuce, bean shoots, cucumber, red pepper and celery all piled high over a lean slice of ham. I place the plate, together with a bottle of spring water, onto a metal tray and take it back out to the garden. I put up a sunlounger and sit munching contentedly. With my gillet and wooly hat I am warm enough to relax. A curious robin watches me eat, perched upon the twigs of a bush only a couple of metres away. I take its picture with my compact digital camera. Although a telephoto lens on a bigger camera would have been better for the job, it would have had the unfortunate effect of shifting the meaning of the episode too far in the direction of ornithological photography; I was eating lunch and I didn’t want that. Talk to you later, my dear blogophiles.


One Response to “Robin redbreast”

  1. Toby Lancaster Says:

    Great writing Fyrm!

    I nearly got excited last Saturday when I saw that J.L.S. was on X Factor, only to realise that it was a boy band, and not an budding artist and musician of great originality from the north-east!

    Toby 🙂

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