I am writing this to avoid slipping into a blogging block. I think I am already in a sketching block and this might be impacting on my writing here, since I had hoped to establish this blog as an illustrated journal. In order to kick start a blog, I open a simple word processor, such as Notepad, and then let my fingers dance around the keyboard; the stream of consciousness becomes the choreographer. I wish the equivalent would happen on the page of my sketchbook when I pick up a pencil, but it seldom does. Danny Gregory urges me to draw every day and, in his book, gives me lots suggestions as to how to overcome the sort of block that I seem to have.


Not a Guptill boot - pencil 26.10.2009

Not a Guptill boot - pencil 26.10.2009

Arthur Gupthill, writing back in 1922, advised me when I was reading him before I went to sleep last night that I should start today by drawing an old boot. At first, I didn’t think I would be able to do that, but here is a rather pathetic attempt at a modern boot (as opposed to Gupthill’s 1922 boot). 


I thought about taking a few reference photos in my garden but it is windy and that makes the close-up photography difficult. I abandoned that idea and went down to the local newsagents shop, instead.

I found that I had won GBP 10 on the national lottery. I spent GBP 8 on an entry per week for the next two months and pocketed the remaining GBP 2. I then spent £1.05 of that princely sum next door at the bakers on a loaf of bread. My winnings most certainly would not have stretched to a bottle of champagne. I have to say that I am ambivalent about doing the lottery. On the one hand it does seem to offer support to a lot of worthy causes but, on the other, it thus seems like a form of indirect taxation.

Progress on the piano continues to be painfully slow, although I have learned a few new songs on keyboard over the past few weeks. I shall stop this post now, and struggle with the decision between tickling the ivories or sharpening the pencil. Speak to you later.

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