Cherylesque - pencil sketch 21.10.2009

Cherylesque - pencil sketch 21.10.2009

This blog features a pencil sketch of Cheryl Cole and, once again, I do not claim an accurate representation. I therefore follow  the convention I established in naming my sketch of Marilyn Monroe as Marilynesque, and I title this one Cherylesque. I arrived at the decision to draw Cheryl somewhat obliquely. Woody, from Cascadia in Second Life, had suggested that I might look into the Pet Shop Boys repertoire for possible covers. I’ll come back to this in a minute, but Neil Tennant hails from Newcastle and I started to explore other pop singers from the North East, setting aside Eric Burdon and the Animals, and discovered that Cheryl did too. I am not terribly familiar with Girls Aloud songs but I have now listened to Cheryl’s single. I have to say that it didn’t do very much for me; just not my sort of thing. Still, she seems to be a very attractive young woman and I felt that it would be a challenge to draw her. Hence the sketch.

I know little about Pet Shop Boys, although obviously I remember some of their hits from the 1980s. I think I enjoyed their music for dancing to at parties. At the time I was into worthy folk singers, such as Ewan McColl, and I did not devote any time to seriously listening to PSBs. Yesterday, I read a bio in Spotify by Jason Ankeny and immediately became curious. I then listened to the 50 minute track by track commentary by Neil and Chris on the Yes CD tracks. This is an excellent commentary presented with intelligence and good humour. I now wish that I had followed their musical career more closely but it doesn’t matter too much; I can enjoy delving into their past albums over the coming weeks instead.

As for the Cheryl sketch, I have decided to start signing my artwork. Last year while I was taking the life drawing class at university I spent some time playing with ideas for a signature or mark. I have always disliked my real life name (John Smith) because of it being so common. This is a problem when you want to put your name to creative works, be they songs, poems, pieces of fiction, sketches or paintings. When I joined the Performing Rights Society back in the 1970s they insisted I use my full name and so I published my vinyl LP in 1982 as John Lewis Smith. One of the ideas I had last year for signing my sketches was to write my name as if it were a swan (the S of Smith providing the main shape in silhouette, with the J and L fitting into the head and making a beak). So, today sees the first public outing of my signature logo.

Time is moving fast. It seems only a moment ago that I was having my early morning piano lesson and now it is time to make lunch. Speak to you later.

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