Marilynesque - pencil & watercolour 18.10.2009

Marilynesque - pencil & watercolour 18.10.2009

I was speaking with Nad the other week and I had thought that he did a cover of Elton John’s Candle in the Wind. He told me that he did not and so I said I would learn it and play it at Cascadia. I did play a very rough version last Sunday but I was not satisfied with my treatment of the song. This past week I have been looking to see how I can improve both my accompaniment and also the way I handle the irregular phrasing of the verses. Given that the original song is about Marilyn Monroe (not the later version that Elton sang at Princess Di’s funeral), I thought that it might be nice to attempt a sketch of Marilyn. I think the best that I can claim is that my drawing is moderately Marilynesque. Anyway, here it is for your enjoyment.

Now, I have to get myself to a guitar fair at a hotel in Middlesborough. I must get my skates on! Speak to you later.

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