The Leader of the Opposition

The Leader of the Opposition

The Leader of the Opposition

I woke up this morning and decided to sketch another politician. So here’s David Cameron. I think I prefer yesterday’s drawing of Gordon Brown. I mustn’t get hooked on politicians or I’ll end up drawing the whole of the House of Commons! I am trying hard to draw something each day but I’m finding it difficult to keep up the momentum in terms of everyday scenes and objects. I have decided to draw famous people in order to keep my hand in, on days when I don’t have much else to draw. I have started re-reading Danny Gregory’s book on the creative license for the third successive time (as soon as I get to the end, I go back to the beginning and start over). Maybe, eventually, what he says will rub off.

PedalBoardEarlier this morning I made a board to raise my feet when I play the piano. As things are, the pedals on my piano are a little high and I find it uncomfortable to have my foot resting on one when it is not pushed down. The pic shows the board near the end of its construction. I used an off-cut from a kitchen worktop that I had lying around. I have now tried it out and I find that the worktop is a little too fat. I shall keep the shape as it is but replace the board with something about an inch thick. I made all the measurements in feet and inches. I like to do that in the privacy of my own workshop. Can’t stand metric. I’m thinking of introducing in internal household economy using pound, shillings and pence tokens.

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