Baseball cap

CapApart from hamburgers, one of the most enthusiastically welcomed imports to English culture from the States has to be the baseball cap; even I own one (see my pencil sketch). I am currently deciding whether or not to stowe my cap into the closet, along with my summer shorts. I have steadfastly resisted the temptation to wear the cap back to front, a practice so fondly embraced by the yoof of today. My cap, far from being a fashion statement, is functional: it keeps the summer sun off my eyes. As such I have begrudgingly allowed it to usurp my panama hat which is made of straw and has a delightful black band around the circumference. I don’t have time to sketch that right now, maybe tomorrow.


A DVD that I ordered last week arrived in the post today. It is all about how to play boogie and blues on the piano. I find this to be quite a difficult thing to do and I’m not very good at getting my right hand to do something different from what my left hand is doing. The DVD has been put together by Louis Vause and Seamus Beaghen and I think I am going to enjoy working through their exercises very much indeed. For example, today Louis was talking about this problem of the two hands and he suggested thinking about it as a multi-tasking problem. So, setting up a bass boogie pattern in the left hand, he challenged me to pick up a pencil from the top of the piano, move it a little way across, and put it down again. At first I just could not do it and keep the bass going at the same time. He gave a few other examples of things to try out before putting the right hand fingers anywhere near the keyboard. I can see this is going to be an entertaining challenge.

I have to have something to eat before I get ready for my internet show at The Vibe tonight. Oh, btw, thanks for your comment Coin (I approved it on the blog earlier this afternoon). I must get going now. Speak to you later

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