This afternoon I mowed the grass. It looks neat and slightly stripey now. In tidy mode, I brushed the clippings off the mower before I stowed it away. In England, the last average cut date tends to be sometime from the end of October through to mid-November; it won’t be the last time I mow this year.

Although motorised lawn mowing provides relatively light exercise compared to pushing the manual Ransome Sims & Jefferies mowers of yesteryear, it nevertheless succeeded in bringing me to a modest sweat. I therefore sat quietly in a chair on the green swathe to cool down. A red robin came to share my space, perching jauntily upon a nearby branch. The way it kept looking at me was tantamount to anthropomorphic flirting.

When I got up to go, my feathered friend flew off, presumably in search of wriggly worms and other delights for its dinner, and I set about collapsing the garden chair I had been sitting in. As I did, my somewhat unkempt holly bush grabbed my attention. I had been reminiscing, whilst mowing the lawn, about Christmas times way back when we first moved to our present house. I used to make and ice my own Xmas cake and also my own Xmas puddings; I used traditional English recipes. I always made a roast turkey Xmas dinner with all the trimmings (usually with home-made chestnut and mushroom soup to start with). I used to serve my Xmas pud at the end of the meal and even poured a ladle of warmed brandy over it, flaming with a match. On the top of the pud I always put a sprig of holly from the bush in the garden. Year after year I looked eagerly to see if there were any red berries on the bush, and repetitively I was disappointed. Eventually I researched the matter and discovered that there have to be male and female trees in close proximity, although not necessarily in the same garden, in order for berries to appear. I can only assume that somebody nearby has planted a complementarily gendered bush, since I beheld a profusion of berries on my tree. Some are already red, others still yellow but turning that way. I am so excited about this I might even be moved to make some Xmas puddings again this year (I stopped doing that because nobody else in my house likes either the puddings or the cake).

After such excitement, the only thing to do is lay down and take a nap. I’ll speak to you later.

One Response to “Red”

  1. Coinslot Says:

    Great that you are able to write your blog again. Not checked it for a while after your problems with spam, so have been catching up on what you’ve been up to.

    Great show tonight, with some songs that I haven’t heard you perform before. The mash-up of Nothing Else Matters/All Along the Watchtower remains my favourite cover though. 2 songs that are polar opposites, yet sound so great spliced together.

    See you soon.


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